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class zds.searchv2.models.AbstractESDjangoIndexable(*args, **kwargs)

Version of AbstractESIndexable for a Django object, with some improvements :

  • Already include pk in mapping ;
  • Match ES _id field and pk ;
  • Override es_already_indexed to a database field.
  • Define a es_flagged field to restrict the number of object to be indexed ;
  • Override save() to manage the field ;
  • Define a get_es_django_indexable() method that can be overridden to change the queryset to fetch object.
classmethod get_es_django_indexable(force_reindexing=False)

Method that can be overridden to filter django objects from database based on any criterion.

Paramètres:force_reindexing (bool) – force to return all objects, even if they may be already indexed.
Type renvoyé:django.db.models.query.QuerySet
classmethod get_es_indexable(force_reindexing=False)

Override get_es_indexable() in order to use the Django querysets and batch objects.

Renvoie:a queryset
Type renvoyé:django.db.models.query.QuerySet
classmethod get_es_mapping()

Overridden to add pk into mapping.

Renvoie:mapping object
Type renvoyé:elasticsearch_dsl.Mapping
save(*args, **kwargs)

Override the save() method to flag the object if saved (which assumes a modification of the object, so the need to reindex).


Flagging can be prevented using save(es_flagged=False).

class zds.searchv2.models.AbstractESIndexable

Mixin for indexable objects.

Define a number of different functions that can be overridden to tune the behavior of indexing into elasticsearch.

You (may) need to override :

  • get_indexable() ;
  • get_mapping() (not mandatory, but otherwise, ES will choose the mapping by itself) ;
  • get_document() (not mandatory, but may be useful if data differ from mapping or extra stuffs need to be done).

You also need to maintain es_id and es_already_indexed for bulk indexing/updating (if any).

get_es_document_as_bulk_action(index, action='index')

Create a document formatted for a _bulk operation. Formatting is done based on action.


  • index (str) – index in witch the document will be inserted
  • action (str) – action, either « index », « update » or « delete »

the document

Type renvoyé:



Create a document from the variable of the class, based on the mapping.


You may need to override this method if the data differ from the mapping for some reason.

Paramètres:excluded_fields (list) – exclude some field from the default method
Type renvoyé:dict
classmethod get_es_document_type()

value of the _type field in the index

classmethod get_es_indexable(force_reindexing=False)

Return objects to index.


You need to override this method (otherwise nothing will be indexed).

Paramètres:force_reindexing (bool) – force to return all objects, even if they may already be indexed.
Type renvoyé:list
classmethod get_es_mapping()

Setup mapping (data scheme).


You will probably want to change the analyzer and boost value. Also consider the index='not_analyzed' option to improve performances.



You may want to override this method (otherwise ES choose the mapping by itself).

Renvoie:mapping object
Type renvoyé:elasticsearch_dsl.Mapping
class zds.searchv2.models.ESIndexManager(name, shards=5, replicas=0, connection_alias='default')

Manage a given index with different taylor-made functions


Use the anlyzer on a given sentence. Get back the list of tokens.


This is useful to perform « terms » queries instead of full-text queries.

Paramètres:request (str) – a sentence from user input
Renvoie:the tokens
Type renvoyé:list

Clear index


Nullify the indexing of a given model by setting es_already_index=False to all objects.

Use full updating for AbstractESDjangoIndexable, instead of saving all of them.

Paramètres:model (class) – the model
delete_by_query(doc_type='', query=MatchAll())

Perform a deletion trough the _delete_by_query API.



Call to this function must be done with great care!

  • doc_type (str) – the document type
  • query (elasticsearch_dsl.query.Query) – the query to match all document to be deleted

Delete a given document, based on its es_id

Paramètres:document (AbstractESIndexable) – the document
es_bulk_indexing_of_model(model, force_reindexing=False)

Perform a bulk action on documents of a given model. Use the objects_per_batch property to index.

See and


  • Currently only implemented with « index » and « update » !
  • Currently only working with AbstractESDjangoIndexable.
  • model (class) – and model
  • force_reindexing (bool) – force all document to be returned

the number of documents indexed

Type renvoyé:



Force the refreshing the index. The task is normally done periodically, but may be forced with this method.



The use of this function is mandatory if you want to use the search right after an indexing.


Delete old index and create an new one (with the same name). Setup the number of shards and replicas. Then, set mappings for the different models.

  • models (list) – list of models
  • number_shards (int) – number of shards
  • number_replicas (int) – number of replicas

Override the default analyzer.


Our custom analyzer is based on the « french » analyzer ( but with some difference

  • « custom_tokenizer », to deal with punctuation and all kind of (non-breaking) spaces, but keep dashes and other stuffs intact (in order to keep « c++ » or « c# », for example).
  • « protect_c_language », a pattern replace filter to prevent « c » from being wiped out by the stopper.
  • « french_keywords », a keyword stopper prevent some programming language from being stemmed.


You need to run es_manager index_all if you modified this !!

Setup search to the good index

Paramètres:request (elasticsearch_dsl.Search) – the search request
Renvoie:formated search
Type renvoyé:elasticsearch_dsl.Search
update_single_document(document, doc)

Update given fields of a single document.


exception zds.searchv2.models.NeedIndex

Raised when an action requires an index, but it is not created (yet).


Delete a ESDjangoIndexable from ES database. Must be implemented by all classes that derive from AbstractESDjangoIndexable.

Paramètres:instance (AbstractESIndexable) – the document to delete

Return all indexable objects registered in Django

Vues (

class zds.searchv2.views.SearchView(**kwargs)

Search view.

get(request, *args, **kwargs)

Overridden to catch the request and fill the form.


Get the context for this view. This method is surcharged to modify the paginator and information given at the template.


Return the list of items for this view.

The return value must be an iterable and may be an instance of QuerySet in which case QuerySet specific behavior will be enabled.


Search in content chapters.


Search in posts, and remove result if the forum is not allowed for the user or if the message is invisible.

Score is modified if:

  • post is the first one in a topic;
  • post is marked as « useful »;
  • post has a like/dislike ratio above (has more likes than dislikes) or below (the other way around) 1.0.

Search in PublishedContent objects.


Search in topics, and remove the result if the forum is not allowed for the user.

Score is modified if:

  • topic is solved;
  • topic is sticky;
  • topic is locked.

alias de zds.searchv2.forms.SearchForm

class zds.searchv2.views.SimilarTopicsView(**kwargs)
get(request, *args, **kwargs)

Handle GET requests: instantiate a blank version of the form.


Generate OpenSearch Description file.